The Depression of Grief: Coping with Your Sadness and Knowing When to Get Help


This compassionate book explores the important distinction between normal, depressive grief versus clinical depression. Dr. Wolfelt helps the reader understand that whether they are experiencing the normal sadness of grief or clinical depression, there is help and there is hope. This is a must-read for both the mourner in need of insight and the caregiver who will learn more about this critically important aspect of grief care.

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When someone you love dies, it’s normal and necessary to grieve. Grief is the thoughts and feelings you have inside you, and sadness is often the most prominent and painful emotion. In other words, it’s normal to be depressed after a loss. This compassionate guide will help you understand your natural depression, express it in ways that will help you heal, and know when you may be experiencing a more severe or clinical depression that would be eased by professional treatment. A section for caregivers that explores the new DSM-5 criteria for Major Depression is also included.

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ISBN: 978-1-61722-193-4

Author: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Product Type: Paperback

Number of Pages: 128

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