Death & Grief Studies Certification

dg cert001Bereavement caregivers who complete five Center for Loss courses (150 hours) are awarded the “Death and Grief Studies Certification.” What an affirming way to be recognized for your ongoing commitment to bereavement care!

While you are welcome to take seminars in any sequence, we have found that the Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training course is an excellent way to get started. Also, it is the required core course for our Certification. You may take any other four courses to complete your five courses (150 hours).

We place no time limit on the completion of the certification. In fact, it is recommended that you take some time between each course to absorb the information and incorporate it into your work. While some students choose to complete their certification in a year, others take five or more years. What is most important is that you work toward this at your own pace and select courses that are applicable to your needs.

“I have completed my Certificate at the Center and encourage other caregivers to do the same. A fantastic experience.”
— A caregiver

Other Certificates

The Center for Loss provides participants with a certificate of completion at the end of each course. This is sufficient for the continuing education requirements of many professional organizations.

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