Grief and Mourning Basics

Loss is never easy, but learning about the normal, necessary process of grief and mourning can help.

Here at the Center for Loss and Life Transition, it’s our mission to support grieving people and grief caregivers. We’re glad you’ve found our grief information pages.

We invite you to click around to find the content that pertains to the questions you have right now. We also hope you’ll return when you have more questions or need guidance throughout your grief journey.

So, welcome. This is a safe place for you to learn and feel supported.

“Someone you love has died. In your heart, you have come to know your deepest pain. From my own experiences with loss as well as those of the thousands of people I have counseled over the years, I have learned that we cannot go around the pain of our grief. Instead, we must learn to embrace and express it.

“This is hard but absolutely necessary work.” — Dr. Alan Wolfelt