Healing Your Traumatized Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Someone You Love Dies a Sudden, Violent Death


Death is never easy, but for families and friends affected by a sudden, violent death, grief is especially traumatic. Deaths caused by accidents, homicide and suicide typically seem premature, unjust, and very, very wrong. Things are not the same, nor will they ever be again. Persistent thoughts and feelings about what the death may have been like for the person who died – and what might have been done to prevent it — color the grief process. Strong feelings of anger and regrets are also common.. Understanding and expressing these feelings helps survivors, over time and with the support of others, come to reconcile their loss.

Most books about trauma are written for mental health caregivers. This book is for you. It offers 100 practical ideas to help you through your traumatic loss. Some of the ideas explore the basic principles of traumatic grief and mourning. The remainder give practical, proactive suggestions for moving beyond the trauma and embracing your grief.

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Author: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

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