Getting Help

Leaf Branch 8As you are grieving, seek out the support of the people in your life who are naturally good helpers. A few solid shoulders to cry on and pairs of listening ears can make all the difference in the world.

Sharing your pain with others won’t make it disappear, but it will, over time, make it more bearable.

Reaching out for help also connects you to other people and strengthens the bonds of love that make life seem worth living again.

“When you are grieving, you need the support of people who will walk beside you. You do not need people who want to walk in front of you and lead you down the path that they think is right. Nor do you need people who want to walk behind you so that they don’t have to be present to your pain.

“Instead, you need and deserve the companionship of people who will come alongside you and let you express whatever you are thinking and feeling. Their role is not to try to ‘fix it’ or give you unasked-for advice. Their role is to be there, actively listen, and offer their love and presence.” — Dr. Alan Wolfelt