Special Circumstances

Leaf Branch 7Grief is always hard, but certain circumstances can make it even harder.

When a child dies, for example, our sense of the natural order of things is turned upside-down. We feel a deep sense of unfairness and sometimes guilt that we are still alive. We might also experience feelings of hopelessness about a future without the child. These natural thoughts feelings complicate our grief journeys.

Below you will find a number of special death and loss circumstances that tend to complicate grief. If you are grieving a loss associated with one of these circumstances, you are at risk for complicated grief. This means that your symptoms of grief (your thoughts and feelings) will be especially difficult and you will probably need extra support.

“Seeing a skilled, compassionate grief counselor is always a good idea for people who are struggling with grief, but it’s an especially good idea for people affected by traumatic types of loss.

“This does not mean that anything is wrong with you or your grief! On the contrary, it simply means that you are having a normal reaction to an abnormally extreme situation, and so you need extra help.”Dr. Alan Wolfelt