Healing a Grandparent’s Grieving Heart


The death of a young person is never easy. But when a grandchild dies, grandparents grieve doubly. They grieve for the loss of their grandchild, and they grieve for their own child, who is now a bereaved parent. This heartfelt guide is an indispensible resource for grieving grandparents, offering them compassionate understanding and practical advice for expressing their own grief while supporting their grieving child and family.

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Some of the 100 ideas explain the basic principles of grief and mourning, while others offer immediate, here-and-now suggestions fo things grandparents can do today to move forward on the journey to healing a live with meaning in each moment.

From the Introduction:
“Your precious grandchild has died. In my decades as a grief counselor and educator, I have had the priviledge to companion many, many grieving parents and grandparents. They have taught me that when a child or grandchild dies, it’s as if a deep hole implodes inside of you. The hole seems to penetrate you and leaves you gasping for air.

“I hope the words I express from my heart to yours throughout the following pages help you to mourn well so that you can go on to live and love well again. I realize that no book can take your overwhelming loss away. It rages in the recesses of your soul. Your profound loss will endure, and nothing I can say or do will alter that truth.

“Yet I truly believe that acknowledging your heart is broken is the beginning of your healing. As you experience the pain of your loss–gently opening, acknowledging, and allowing–the suffering it has wrought diminishes but never completely vanishes. In fact, the resistance to the pain can potentially be more painful than the pain itself. Running from the pain of loss closes down our hearts and spirits. As difficult as it is, we must relinquish ourselves to the pain of grief. As Helen Keller said, ‘The only way to the other side is through.’ “

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