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Changed My Life!

“Dr Wolfelt’s work has changed my life. Literally. I am a better person having read and been deeply impacted by his work. I can’t fully express how grateful I am to him for building the companioning model. What I can share is that I am committed to sharing what I have...

Inspiring and Humbling

“This has been an amazing training! From the very first morning of class, when new names and faces would soon become dear companions and shared souls, I felt comfortable and cared for and filled with gratitude…This experience was inspiring and...

Truly Touched

“I was truly touched by the strength of spirit of the participants… and the training content teaches the art of ‘walking with’ and ‘companioning’ those in grief. I’m already scheduled to return for more.”

He Inspired Us All!

“These trainings have been a highlight for my professional and personal growth. Dr Wolfelt’s genuine and skillfull teaching is invaluable.  He inspired us all!.”

Feel Hope

“Dr. Wolfelt made me feel hope just when I thought there was none.”