Raspberry BranchSomeone you have given love to and received love from has died. You are in mourning. You are bereft.

To be “bereaved” literally means to be torn apart. You are on a journey that is often frightening, painful, and lonely.

No words, written or spoken, can take away the pain you now feel. We hope, though, that the resources on this website will help bring you comfort and encouragement as you make a commitment to help yourself heal.

We invite you to read through the basic information about grief and mourning on our Grief page. You might also find it helpful to explore some of the articles listed in the right-hand column. In addition, our Bookstore contains Dr. Wolfelt’s compassionate books about healing in grief.

You may also be interested in hearing Dr. Wolfelt speak, attending one of his trainings, or finding a grief counselor near you who has been trained by Dr. Wolfelt.

Grief is powerful, but so is your capacity to help yourself heal. We encourage you to begin today by talking to a compassionate friend or family member about your thoughts and feelings. Reach out for and accept the help of others. And trust that genuinely encountering and expressing your grief each and every day will lead you to living and loving fully again.