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Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training


This course is a suggested foundational course for all other Center for Loss courses. However, we realize that for certain caregivers, taking just one or two of our specialty courses (such as Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Grief) without first completing Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training may make the most sense. Please e-mail or call us if you would like to discuss your unique needs.

Whether you are new to the experience of caring for those in grief or are a veteran bereavement caregiver, we invite you to participate in this popular seminar.

Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training explores a wide range of topics related to bereavement caregiving, including:

  • Exploring North America’s modern understanding of grief and loss
  • Introduction to the tenets of “companioning” versus treating
  • Understanding attachment and love influences on grief
  • Misconceptions surrounding grief and loss
  • Unique influences on grief: the whys of the journey
  • Exploring the six central needs of mourning and the companioning helping role
  • Encouraging self-compassion in mourners
  • Application of content to support groups
  • Exploring reconciliation versus resolution
  • Acknowledging the transformative nature of grief.

Dr. Wolfelt’s bereavement caregiving philosophy is based on what he has termed “companioning”. All of the practical topics covered in this course will be viewed through the companioning lens, and the companioning tenets will be introduced and explored.

Graduates of this comprehensive seminar will return home with a multitude of newly refined skills and abilities. This is a very popular seminar, so early application is a must!

Participants will receive a copy of Companioning the Bereaved: A Soulful Guide for Caregivers.

***The November 13-16, 2023 course is now closed to online registration. To be added to the waitlist, please email***

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Pay a deposit of $250.00 per item

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Grief Companioning Skills Training


While Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training provides you with a large dose of the “body of knowledge” surrounding grief care, this training teaches you specific skills you need to help the griever engage in the active work of mourning. Dr. Wolfelt models and then gives you the opportunity to practice what he calls, “foundational grief counseling skills.”

This learning experience is a must for those wishing to “companion” people in their unique life and death journeys. It will teach caregivers how to effectively follow the lead of the “true expert,” the mourner.

The content of this seminar is appropriate both for novices and for experienced caregivers looking to update their helping skills.

Specific skills you will learn include: :

  • Subcomponents of active listening
  • Clarifying and perception checking
  • Two forms of leading
  • Appropriate use of questioning
  • Empathetic responsiveness
  • Supportive confrontation
  • Transitioning and summarizing

Graduates of this seminar will be able to integrate and practice the companioning model of grief care using their new helping skills.

Participants will receive a copy of Counseling Skills for Companioning the Mourner: The Fundamentals of Effective Grief Counseling and The Handbook for Companioning the Mourner. 

***Please select “Free Shipping” at check-out***

Pay a deposit of $250.00 per item

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Suicide Grief: Companioning the Mourner

This training will enhance your ability to “companion” people impacted by the death of someone to suicide. Suicide is death by just another name, yet it has many special features that demand our knowledge and skills as compassionate caregivers.

Suicide spans the width and breadth of our population, crossing cultures and touching lives from young to old. As one observer noted, “There are volumes written on the subject of suicide, but none are more comprehensive and healing than the messages of Dr. Wolfelt.”

Topics include:

  • Guidelines for facilitating suicide grief support groups
  • The language of suicide
  • Misconceptions
  • Special features of suicide grief
  • Dimensions of grief response and the caregiver helping role
  • Application of Dr. Wolfelt’s six needs of mourning
  • Exploring the transformative nature of suicide grief

Participants will receive a copy of Understanding Your Suicide Grief, The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Journal, and The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Support Group Guide.

***The October 16-19, 2023 course is now closed to online registration. To be added to the waitlist, please email***

***Please select “Free Shipping” at check-out***

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