You’re Not Crazy – You’re Grieving: Six Steps for Surviving Loss



After a significant loss, it’s common to feel like we’re going crazy. The sudden absence of someone we love is not only devastating, it’s disorienting.

The first year or two of grief is often unbelievably painful and confusing. We’re in shock, often for weeks or months. Time seems out of whack. We feel powerless, helpless, and ineffective. We can’t think straight; we can’t get anything done. Our moods swing wildly, and we say and do crazy things. We cry, and we cling to objects that belonged to the person who died. We have bizarre dreams. We think we hear, see, or experience communications from the person who died. We wonder if we can (or should) go on. And through it all, our minds and hearts return over and over again to the impossible reality that can never again talk to or touch a person who lived and breathed and gave our lives so much meaning.

There is nothing more challenging than the early weeks and months of a major life loss. But this compassionate book, by one of the world’s most respected grief counselors, will help you endure. In his many years of counseling those in grief, the most common question Dr. Wolfelt is asked is, “Am I going crazy?” Yes, you may feel like you’re going crazy, but you’re not. You’re grieving! Your thoughts, feelings, and reactions are normal. And you can and will survive. What’s more, your days in deep grief will be a little easier if you turn to these six steps.

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Weight1 lbs
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ISBN: 978-1-61722-322-8

Author: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Product Type: Paperback

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