Understanding Your Suicide Grief: Ten Essential Touchtones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart



When someone you love takes his or her own life, your grief is profound. Yet as a result of fear and misunderstanding, suicide survivors are often left alone and in silence at a time when they desperately need compassion and unconditional support.

Using the metaphor of the wilderness, Dr. Wolfelt introduces ten Touchtones that will assist the survivor in what is often a complicated grief journey. Learning to identify and rely on the Touchtones helps those touched by suicide find their way to hope and healing.


“I must say that out of all book on surviving suicide that I have read, you have pegged just about every aspect I can think of: every stumbling block, emotion, stupid things people say or do, it’s all there. It is an amazing piece of literature that even four years into the survivor realm touches home, reassures, and helps to keep perspective on the immense toll surviving a suicide places on every aspect of one’s life. It is a treasure, a life vest thrown out into a violent ocean.” – Jane from Virginia

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