Understanding and Responding to Complicated Mourning


Complicated mourning is normal grief that has become stuck or made more complex by various circumstances, including traumatized or marginalized loss, personality or mental health issues, grief overload, and other factors.

Dr. Wolfelt will teach you his model for identifying, understanding, and companioning mourners through their challenging grief journeys. This is an essential training for those wanting to learn specific ways to identify and assist people with the natural complications of grief and mourning. While there is a tendency for some to want to “treat” complicated grief, Dr. Wolfelt will advocate for the compassionate use of a companioning approach to caregiving that has been effectively used at his Center for Loss for many years. If this appeals to you, please make plans now to come join us.

Together we’ll explore important topics such as:

  • The history of modern psychology’s understanding of complicated grief
  • Understanding the origins of complicated grief
  • Complicated grief influences and risk factors
  • Identifying complicated grief — symptoms and strategies
  • Depression in grief — what’s normal? What’s clinical depression?
  • Understanding unmourned or carried grief
  • Assessment model for complicated mourning
  • Learning about unembarked grief, impasse grief, off-trail grief, and encamped grief
  • Companioning people experiencing complicated grief
  • Facilitating grievers’ therapeutic work on Dr. Wolfelt’s six needs of mourning

Those who would like to are encouraged to bring a case presentation to assist seminar participants in the learning process.

Participants will receive a copy of When Grief is Complicated and the When Grief is Complicated Educational Supplement 

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