The Understanding Your Grief Support Group Guide – Second Edition


When we’re grieving the death of someone loved, we need the support and compassion of our fellow human beings. Grief support groups provide a wonderful opportunity for this very healing kind of support.

This book is for professional or lay caregivers who want to start and lead an effective grief support group for adults. It explains how to get a group started and how to keep it running smoothly once it’s underway. The group leader’s roles and responsibilities are explored in detail, including communication skills, trust building, handling problems, and more.

This Guide also includes twelve meeting plans that interface with the second editions of Understanding Your Grief and The Understanding Your Grief Journal. Each week group members read a chapter in the main text, complete a chapter in the journal, and come to group ready for you to guide them through an exploration of the content. Meeting plans include suggestions for how to open each session as well as engaging exercises and activities.

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From The Understanding Your Grief Support Group Guide:

“Grief, often the most profound form of sorrow, demands the support and compassion of our fellow human beings. Since the beginning of time, people have come together in times of grief to help one another. Grief support groups provide an opportunity for this kind of help and support. If you are a grief support group leader, thank you for your efforts to help create a “safe place” to nurture others. When you are privileged to witness the pain soften and hope emerge, you realize it is worth all your efforts.”

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