Suicide Grief: Companioning the Mourner


This training will enhance your ability to “companion” people impacted by the death of someone to suicide. Suicide is death by just another name, yet it has many special features that demand our knowledge and skills as compassionate caregivers.

Suicide spans the width and breadth of our population, crossing cultures and touching lives from young to old. As one observer noted, “There are volumes written on the subject of suicide, but none are more comprehensive and healing than the messages of Dr. Wolfelt.”

Topics include:

  • Guidelines for facilitating suicide grief support groups
  • The language of suicide
  • Misconceptions
  • Special features of suicide grief
  • Dimensions of grief response and the caregiver helping role
  • Application of Dr. Wolfelt’s six needs of mourning
  • Exploring the transformative nature of suicide grief

Participants will receive a copy of Understanding Your Suicide Grief, The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Journal, and The Understanding Your Suicide Grief Support Group Guide.

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