Helping People with Developmental Disabilities Mourn: Practical Rituals for Caregivers


When people with developmental disabilities experience the death of a significant person in their lives, they are often excluded from rituals that can help them mourn and heal. And when they are included in funerals and other death rituals, their special cognitive needs are often not met.

How can you help people with developmental disabilities understand that someone they care about has died? How can you help them understand the concept of death? And how can you help them explore their feelings of grief and loss and express them in helpful, healing ways?

This practical book offers 20 simple rituals that caregivers can use with people with developmental disabilities after a death. All of the rituals can be adapted for people of all ages and all levels of disability. The rituals require few materials and little time, yet they have the power to transform a painful, confusing period of grief into an understandable, positive and rich experience for people with developmental disabilities.

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ISBN: 978-1-879651-46-3

Author: Marc Markell, Ph.D., Foreword by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

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