Heart, Body, and Soul Set


Healing Your Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas
This flagship title in our 100 Ideas Series offers 100 practical ideas to help you practice self-compassion. Some of the ideas teach you the principles of grief and mourning. The remainder offer practical, action-oriented tips for embracing your grief. Each idea also suggests a carpe diem, which will help you seize the day by helping you move toward your healing today.

Healing Your Grieving Body: 100 Physical Practices for Mourners

Do you have muscle aches and pains, problems with eating and sleeping, low energy, headaches, and other physical symptoms since the death of someone loved? The mind-body connection in grief is profoundly strong, but taking care of your body in the 100 ways described will help you worth your body as your heal your heart and soul.

Healing Your Grieving Soul: 100 Spiritual Practices for Mourners

Grief is in large part a spiritual struggle, and turning to spiritual practices in the face of loss helps many people find hope and healing. Following a helpful introduction about the role of spirituality in grief, this practical guide offers tips and activities on meditation, prayer, yoga, solitude, and many more.

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