Healing After Job Loss: 100 Practical Ideas


Job loss is a major life transition. It can bring you down or provide opportunities that you never knew existed. Before you can move forward, you must integrate feelings of shock, disappointment, and fear that job loss brings. Once you accept this loss, and take a good look at yourself and your skills, hopes, and desires, you’ll see your way to a successful, new start.

This unique approach focuses on your whole experience, not just on finding you the next job — although that’s in here, too. With these 100 compassionate, practical tips you’ll cross over from the pain of losing your job to a purposeful place of setting intentions and carrying out a job search plan. Finally, you’ll be ready to transition to your next position with grace and confidence.


“I want to thank Dr. Wolfelt for his writings as they have been my source of support during my grief. He is the only one who has really helped me through this past year. Thank you for your wisdom.” — John from Washington

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