Healing A Friends Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas for Helping Someone You Love Through Loss


When a friend suffers the loss of someone loved, you may not always know what to say. But you can do many helpful, loving things.

Compassionate and eminently practical, Healing A Friend’s Grieving Heart provides the fundamental principles of being a true companion, from committing to contact the friend regularly to being mindful of the anniversary of the death. Included in each book are tested, sensitive ideas for “carpe diem” actions that people can take right this minute—while still remaining supportive and honoring the mourner’s loss.


“This book provides excellent advice and tips for saying the right things…and insight into the grieving process. It’s a long road and as a friend or family member who cares about someone’s grief and mourning process, Dr. Wolfelt helps us remember how we can support each other in meaningful and long-lasting ways.” — A Reader

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