Divorce Set for Kids



Healing After Divorce: 100 Practical Ideas for Kids: 

When a child’s parents separate or divorce, the child naturally grieves. They often experience feelings of shock, sadness, anger, guilt, and relief, among others, and children need help naming and understanding their emotions, whatever they might be. In the words, they ned help to mourn, not deny, ignore or repress their grief.

Above all, they need love and support as they adjust to this naturally difficult time. This book for kids ages 7 – 12 speaks directly to children in simple, compassionate words. It contains ideas for expressing their emotions during this life-changing time so that they can go on to lead happy lives and develop healthy relationships of their own.

Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart After Divorce

How do you help children whose parents are separated or divorced? While divorce represents a signifigant loss for children – a loss that creates all the many natural feelings of grief, the children can continue to thrive if they are helped in these 100 practical ways by the caring adults in their lives.

Children whose parents divorce need adults who will witness and honor their pain and be honest and compassionate with them. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, coaches, counselors, and others can turn to any page and find a practical, here-and-now tip for helping children understand and express their many thoughts and feelings, whatever they might be.

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Weight1.3 lbs
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