The Dementia Care-Partner’s Workbook: A Guide for Understanding, Education, and Hope


If you’re helping care for a family member of friend who has mild cognitive impairment or dementia, this workbook is for you. It’s ten concise lessons not only step you through the types, brain biology, and progressive symptoms of dementia but also offer practical tips for managing behaviors, coping with emotional issues, prioritizing self-care, and planning ahead.

With space to write and reflect on the content, this compassionate resource by a physician and counselor who has himself been a dementia care-partner is an ideal workbook for support-group members or for those who want to learn and process on their own.

The Dementia Care Partner’s Workbook includes a foreword by world-renowned dementia educator Teepa Snow, who said, “This resource offers what is so needed in dementia care: a combination of practical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual support for those who have to make the journey. This workbook provides individual family members with greater awareness, knowledge, and skill to improve life, relationships, and care throughout the disease process.”

Find A Leader’s Manual for Dementia Care-Partner’s Support Groups here.


“An engaging, informative workbook that encourages dementia care providers to tell their stories as well as become more knowledgeable about the situations they will face. It describes steps to lessen distress while not sugarcoating the challenges that dementia presents.”  – Peter V. Rabins, M.D., M.P.H., coauthor of The 36-Hour Day and emeritus professor of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

“Being a dementia care partner is daunting, and no one knows this better — personally and professionally — than Dr. Ed Shaw. This magnificent workbook will be of enormous value to anyone caring for a loved one with dementia.” – Ronald C. Petersen, M.D., Ph.D., author of Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer’s Disease and director of the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center


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