Creating Meaningful Funeral Ceremonies


As Dr. Wolfelt frequently states, “When words are inadequate, have a ceremony.” This seminar will help participants enhance their understanding of the WHY of meaningful funerals. For a multitude of reasons, which we will explore in this training, many people do not understand the value of various elements of funerals (viewing, music, reading eulogy/remembrance, symbols, actions, gathering). The result is that many families are “at risk” for eliminating or subverting these elements.

This information-filled training will define these elements, review the functional value they bring to a meaningful funeral, and interface them with Dr. Wolfelt’s WHY We Have Had Funerals Since the Beginning of Time pyramid. You will be taught to theme everything you do with information, education, and honoring the family’s unique needs.

Due to many requests for this training, we are opening the registration to any caregivers interested in enhancing their understanding of creating meaningful funerals.

Topics include:

  • Arrange meaningful funerals as a “facilitator” not a “functionary”
  • How to convey value during every step of the planning process
  • Understand that ritual means “to fit together”
  • Interface the Wolfelt WHY pyramid with the elements of ceremony
  • How to care for yourself as you create meaningful funerals

Participants will receive a copy of Creating Meaningful Funeral Experiences: A Guide for Caregivers and Educating the Families You Serve About the “Why” of the Funeral.

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