Companioning the Mourner from Hello to Goodbye, Dark to Light, and Backward to Forward

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for this advanced level learning experience as you build your knowledge and skills to provide compassionate support and counsel to people experiencing grief.  Dr. Wolfelt often says, “You have to join the mourner where they are, before there is any space for movement.” Come join like-hearted caregivers and learn how to artfully “companion” the mourner into and through three essential truths:

Truth One: You must say hello to say goodbye.
Truth Two: You must make friends with the darkness before you can enter the light.
Truth Three: You must go backward before you can go forward.

Participation in this training will allow you to enhance your understanding of how our culture clings to a number of misconceptions about grief. In addition, you will learn about what Dr. Wolfelt calls “medical-model-treatment introjects” that make the reconciling of grief naturally complicated for many mourners. You will explore and discuss- how the mourner is often told to be strong when she needs to be vulnerable; how the mourner is often told to think positive when she needs to befriend the pain; and how the mourner is often told to seek closure when she really needs is to welcome her natural and necessary grief.

Plan to join us and you’ll learn more about how to honor these three truths— their historical roots as well as the ways in which they have been abandoned and even vilified by contemporary Western culture. You will learn specific companioning skills that allow you to join the mourner and create the necessary space to say hello on the path to goodbye, to affirm the value of darkness before light, and to respect the natural organic instinct to go backward before forward. You will also be invited to enhance your understanding of what Dr. Wolfelt has termed the “Slow Grief Movement” Register early as this training will fill to capacity well in advance.

Participants will receive a copy of The Paradoxes of Mourning: Healing Your Grief with Three Forgotten Truths and The Handbook for Companioning the Mourner: Eleven Essential Principles.

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