Companioning the Mourner in Early Grief: Principles and Practices



After a significant loss, it is common for those in grief to feel like they are going crazy. The death of someone in our lives is not only devastating, it is disorienting. This important new training (based on popular demand) will be very helpful to those of you that work with people in acute grief. The content will enhance your grief-informed body of knowledge surrounding the “crazy-making symptoms” of grief. The specific focus on early grief and beyond will enhance your helping role from the Companioning Model of grief care developed by Dr. Wolfelt.

In his many years of counseling those in grief, the most common question Dr. Wolfelt is asked is, “Am I going crazy?” Yes, it is normal to feel crazy after loss impacts your life. Yet, what people are really doing is grieving. There is a real art to learning how to normalize the experiences that leave the mourner questioning their sanity without minimizing what they are going through. The pain, too, is normal. It often feels terrible, unbearable, unsurvivable. Yet the pain makes sense because being shattered and broken is a painful experience. This training will enhance you capacity to bring those in grief the compassion and support they need and they deserve.

Participants will learn a proven 6 Step process to help the griever survive the initial weeks and months of loss:

Step 1: Know that your intense, unique grief is normal and necessary.
Step 2: Do whatever you need to do to feel safe and comforted.
Step 3: Acknowledge the illusion of control.
Step 4: Tell the Story
Step 5: Embrace your spirituality
Step 6: Step toward living even as you grieve
These six steps are based on Dr. Wolfelt’s six central reconciliation needs of mourning which he has taught throughout his career. However, because of the uniqueness of early grief, he created these six steps to support those in grief in the first weeks and months following loss. If you support people in early grief this training is ideal for you. Register early as we know this new offering will fill quickly!

Participants will receive a copy of the book You’re Not Crazy.- You’re Grieving.

**The April 29-May 2, 2024 training in Scottsdale, AZ and May 13-16, 2024 training in Fort Collins, CO is now closed to online registration. To be added to the waitlist, please contact***

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