Becoming an Effective Grief Educator


By popular demand, Dr. Wolfelt has created this new training that will teach you how to be an effective educator and public speaker on grief and mourning. Using the “Ten Touchstones” of his bestselling book Understanding Your Grief as a framework, he will step you through messaging and methods for educating others about the basic principles of grief, mourning, and healing. Dr. Wolfelt will also share practical insider tips on topics such as event formats, engaging your audience, creating teaching objectives, building relationships with potential sponsors, and much more.

Whether you would like to train others in your organization, do public speaking in your community, or simply feel more confident passing along information to clients, colleagues, or friends, this workshop will both inspire and prepare you to be an effective grief advocate wherever you go.

Register soon, as this training will fill quickly.

Topics you will learn to teach include:

  • Touchstone 1: How to open to the presence of your loss
  • Touchstone 2: Identifying and dispelling common misconceptions of grief
  • Touchstone 3: Embracing the uniqueness of your grief
  • Touchstone 4: Exploring your feelings of loss
  • Touchstone 5: Recognizing you are not crazy
  • Touchstone 6: Understanding the six needs of mourning
  • Touchstone 7: How to take care of yourself when you’re in grief
  • Touchstone 8: Reaching out for help from others
  • Touchstone 9: Seeking reconciliation, not resolution
  • Touchstone 10: Appreciating your transformation

Participants will receive a copy of Understanding Your Grief. 

**The June 28 – July 1, 2021 training is now closed to online registration. Please email to be put on the waitlist or for more information.**

***Please select “Free Shipping” at check-out***

Pay a deposit of $250.00 per item

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