As we move forward with our training we will continue to keep participants updated about safety procedures and policy. In an abundance of caution we have submitted our plans to our local health department and received their approval. We are also working closely with the Hilton Fort Collins to ensure the best possible experience for participants while adhering to local guidelines.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to keep you safe:

1) Face Coverings — It is currently required by the city of Fort Collins and the state of Colorado that all those in shared, inside spaces wear face coverings/masks over their nose and mouth. Based on this requirement, we ask that participants wear masks at all times when moving around the hotel and within the classroom. Based on the guidelines participants can choose to remove their masks when they are seated at their table within the classroom. At the trainings the past few weeks, it was fairly evenly split between those who did wear them and those who removed them while seated at their tables.  We will have disposable masks available, but ask that you bring masks you feel comfortable wearing during class.

2) Social Distancing — We will be using a conference room at the Hilton that allows for spacing of at least 6 feet between participants. We ask that you stay mindful of this space when moving around the classroom during breaks and before/after class.

3) Food and Beverage —  Instead of our usual buffet style, breakfast and lunch each day will be available in individualized boxes. There will be plenty of tables and room to spread out in the breakfast/lunch room, however this style will also allow you to consider eating outside or in you room.

In addition, sanitation stations have been set up all over the Hilton and the layout within the hotel has been adjusted to maximize space for individuals moving within the hotel.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

For more information on local restrictions, visit the Larimer County Health Department website here.