Great News!

After some reflection and discernment, Dr. Wolfelt has decided to continue to offer his trainings into future years. As he noted: “I was humbled by the number of people who sent notes or called in to encourage me to continue my trainings anchored in the companioning philosophy of grief care. I still have the passion for mentoring others surrounding life losses. We will convert to a Summer Institute (in Colorado) and provide a couple winter opportunities (in Arizona) that will allow me to have work-life balance as I continue to champion the importance of not “treating” people in grief. The responsible rebel— “one who challenges assumptive models surrounding grief and loss” will continue to work with sponsors for my on road workshops and offer the trainings my staff and I host. Stay tuned for the specific details related to dates and the specific trainings that will be offered. Our current list of training through 2018 can be found on our website.

“Thank you for your support of my contributions to death education and counseling.”