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Dr. Alan Wolfelt“A significant part of the Center for Loss’ mission is grief education. The workshops I present across North America each year educate thousands about healthy grief and mourning. It’s a privilege to be involved in this important work.“But is is the workshop sponsor who makes these educational opportunities possible. Without their support, the Center for Loss could never reach so many people or touch so many lives.“I look forward to working with and meeting you.” — Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Did you know your organization can bring Dr. Wolfelt to your community?

One of today’s most respected and popular educators, Dr. Wolfelt presents workshops on grief-related topics to both lay people and professional bereavement caregivers throughout North America and across the world.

Sponsor organizations include hospices, funeral homes, hospitals, universities, mental health agencies, faith groups, corporations, service organizations, schools—any institution interested in providing grief education to bereaved community members and area caregivers.

Typical presentation formats include all-day workshops, evening presentations, and keynote addresses. We’re happy to work with you to create the presentation that best meets your needs.

Sample program topics:

  • Understanding Your Grief: Touchstones for Hope and Healing (this is our most requested program for the general public)
  • Healing Your Grieving Heart: Exploring Practical Touchstones for Caring for Yourself
  • Exploring Critical Questions When Someone You Love Dies
  • Companioning the Bereaved: A Workshop for Caregivers
  • Exploring Ten Touchstones for Caring for the Mourner: Essential Caregiver Principles and Practices
  • Helping Children and Teens Cope with Grief
  • Exploring the Special Features of Sudden Death, Suicide Grief, and Trauma Loss
  • Exploring the Value and Function of Grief Symptoms: The “Companioning” Helping Role
  • Enhancing Your Understanding of Grief and Depression: The Role of the Caregiver
  • A Mandate for the Future of Funeral Service: A Model for Integrating the WHY of Funerals into Arrangements

Please call us at (970) 226-6050 to receive a potential sponsor packet. Once we have confirmed dates that will work well for you, we will send you a checklist and timetable that will ensure preparations for your workshop will proceed smoothly. Should you have any questions, please call. We look forward to working with you to bring excellent continuing grief education to your area!

“We are basking in the glory of many, many comments and letters we have received. Everyone was tremendously impressed with the content and quality of both the community program for the public and the workshop for professional caregivers. Never in our wildest imagination did we expect this great abundance of thank-you letters, cards, and comments!”

“This program was off the Richter scale in excellence. Thank you to the sponsor for making this available to the community.”

“Alan Wolfelt made me feel hope just when I thought there was none.”

“The speaker was superb! His great sense of humor made it easy to learn and remain attentive.”

“Dr. Wolfelt was wonderful, dynamic, and engaging. I was captivated the entire time.”

“I loved Alan’s energy and style. His case-sharing was helpful and solidified the material.”

“This was the very best workshop I have been to in my entire life. The sponsor is to be congratulated on making this possible.”

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Thank you for requesting information about bringing Dr. Wolfelt to your community. Please tell us little about when you might like Dr. Wolfelt to visit as well as the audience and topic you have in mind. We’ll e-mail you a packet within 48 hours, and can mail you a hard-copy if needed. If you need an immediate response, please tell us that and we’ll call and/or e-mail you back right away.

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