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4-Day Trainings in Colorado

The Center for Loss & Life Transition works towards its mission of “Helping People Help Others” by providing bereavement caregivers quality training in a four-day educational seminar format taught by Dr. Wolfelt. These courses have evolved out of a demand for concise yet comprehensive training in the growing field of death education and counseling. If you want to learn practical skills to “companion” people in grief or continue to enhance your bereavement skills, our educational seminars are perfect for you.

Dr. Wolfelt’s courses center on his companioning philosophy, which in short teaches that as a bereavement caregiver, you are a companion, not a“guide.” Companioning is the art of bringing comfort to another by becoming familiar with their story, their experiences, and their needs.

These courses are designed to meet the needs of caregivers from a variety of backgrounds, including hospice staff and volunteers, mental health care providers, social workers, clergy, school personnel, funeral directors, nurses and physicians, students, as well as lay people.

Though it is impossible to list all the benefits you may personally gain from a course, here are a few of the things you can expect to learn:

  • a greater familiarity with the grief process
  • an enhanced ability to relate effectively to the grieving person or family
  • a development of skills to cope with personal feelings related to death and grief
  • fine- tune your skills in the helping relationship
  • an expanded knowledge of current developments in your discipline
  • a heightened awareness of resources in the areas of death, dying and bereavement

For detailed information about each specific course and their respect dates, please visit the individual course pages listed at the bottom of this page.

Fort Collins Colorado

“I was truly touched by the strength of spirit of the participants…and the training content teaches the art of ‘walking with’ and ‘companioning’ those in grief. I’m already scheduled to return for more.”
— A Hospice Social Worker

An Important Message from Dr. Wolfelt:

Thank you for your interest in our educational seminars for bereavement caregivers. Supporting those who support the bereaved is my life’s work and passion. I simply love to teach, and am so gratified that thousands of caregivers have participated in my small-group seminars over the past 20 years.

How gratifying it is to be able to share the art of compassionate caregiving with people from across North America and the world. We will do our best to make this an experience you will remember and value for the rest of your life!

Please call the Center with questions or to inquire about course availability. I look forward to meeting you and learning from each other.
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The Center for Loss & Life Transition invites you to learn with Dr. Wolfelt and work toward being honored with a Death & Grief Studies Certificate!

Death & Grief Studies Certificate

A Recent Graduate of the programA recent graduate receives our Death & Grief Studies Certificate.

Bereavement caregivers who complete five Center for Loss courses (150 hours) are awarded the “Death & Grief Studies Certificate”. What an affirming way to be recognized for your ongoing commitment to bereavement care!

While you are welcome to take seminars in any sequence, we have found that “Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training” is an excellent way to get started. Also, it is the required core course for our Certification.

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