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Support Group Facilitator Training – Dec 3-6

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Support Group

 Support Group Facilitator Training

 December 3-6, 2012


Enthusiasm for bereavement support group counseling has burgeoned in recent   years. And, while training opportunities that advance our understanding of the  bereavement process have become more available recently, less work has been done on the support group models of care. This seminar helps fill this gap; topics covered will include:

  • Support group leadership skills
  • Barriers to effectiveness in support group counseling
  • Detailed guidelines for operational practices (such as size of group, length and frequency of sessions)
  • Development of ground rules
  • Distinguishing open-ended from closed-ended groups
  • Elements of pre-screening group members
  • Intervening with disruptive group members
  • Publicizing your group

This training will also include instruction in a support group model delineated in Alan’s book Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart. Participants will receive a copy of The Understanding Your Grief Support Group Guide.


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