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Recent Articles

Dr. Wolfelt has recently been featured in several magazines. You can read the articles below: The Capacity to Love: The Reason We Grieve, published in T.A.P.S. Magazine Defining Your Funeral Home's Core Values, published in The Director magazine A Child's Grief, By Randi Olin, published in Brain, Child magazine  

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October Speaking Locations & Dates

Dr. Wolfelt will be in the following cities this month: October 7-8 - Troy, MI October 9 - Kansas City, MO October 14-15 - Orlando, FL October 15-16 - Mobile, AL October 16-17 - Baton Rouge, LA October 21-22 - St. Charles, MO October 23 - Birmingham, AL October 29-30 - Palm Harbor, FL   Click here to visit the "See Where Dr. Wolfelt Is" page for more information on these workshops, or call the office at (970) 226-6050.

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2015-2106 Training Catalog & Fall 2014 Publications Catalogs Now Available

We're excited to be offer several new courses in Fort Collins, CO & Scottsdale, Arizona in 2015-2015. Check out our new catalog for details! Download here Click here to see the updated fall publications catalog. We've got some exciting new resources available!

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Article about the value of funeral processions

Dr. Wolfelt responds to a blog post which suggested the elimination of funeral processions. View his response here. Dr. Wolfelt's article has prompted others to reflect on the value of funeral processions as well. Here is one blog response.

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Important New Book, Reframing PTSD as Traumatic Grief, Now Available on Pre-Order!

Important New Book, Reframing PTSD as Traumatic Grief, Now Available on Pre-Order!

  An estimated 8 percent of Americans are thought to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at any given time. Many are victims of or witnesses to violence. Others have been neglected or abused. Some have experienced a traumatic accident or natural disaster. Still others have experienced the sudden and perhaps violent death of someone they love. No matter the cause, PTSD results in symptoms of acute stress, including anxiety, persistent ...

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Welcome to the Center for Loss and Life Transition!If you are grieving, want to support someone who is, or work with mourners in your role as bereavement caregiver, you’ve come to the right place.Our director, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, founded the Center for Loss more than 20 years ago to compassionately support both mourners, by walking with them in their unique life journeys, and professional and lay caregivers, by serving as an educational resource and professional forum.

Dr. Wolfelt’s model of “companioning” versus “treating” people in grief is respected the world over. He presents numerous workshops each year throughout the United States and Canada for hospices, schools, universities, funeral homes, community groups and a variety of other organizations. He offers 4-Day Trainings for bereavement caregivers here in Fort Collins, Colorado & now also in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well.

Dr. Wolfelt is also the author of many bestselling books and other resources on healing in grief for both caregivers and grieving people.

We invite you to explore our website and call us at 970.226.6050 if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting. We hope to meet you in person one day.

Doctor Alan Wolfelt

Center for Loss director Dr. Alan Wolfelt is known around the world for his compassionate messages of hope and healing in grief.
The Center for Loss is dedicated to the education and support of bereavement caregivers. We believe that those who companion… More…
Someone you have given love to and received love from has died. You are in mourning. You are bereft. To be “bereaved” literally means to be torn apart. More…
Here at the Center for Loss, we believe that by being a companion to people who are grieving, you can help them on their journey to healing. More…

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